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Writing Updates

A Fresh Heroine Emerges in 'Rhiannon's Hope'

Exciting times lie ahead for the "Gods & Vagrants" series with the arrival of "Rhiannon's Hope." It's a story featuring my first female lead who's about to shake things up in ways only she can. The manuscript is ready, but it's missing your eyes and thoughts. Yes, you heard right – I'm scouting for advanced readers to join the early review crew. Interested? Email me!

'Save Our Souls' Sequel: A Shift to the Stars

The universe of "Save Our Souls" is expanding. "Heretics of Sehag" isn't just a sequel; it's a leap into an epic narrative that stands proudly on its own galactic legs. The Dahl family will be joined by another, and together will be colliding against the church of the Immortal Trinity. After a round of alpha reading, it's set for a minor course correction before heading to the final frontier – editing.

The Joy of Crafting 'Gods & Vagrants'

Who knew that penning "Gods & Vagrants" could be such a blast? It's been a challenge to keep these stories short and sweet, but oh, the joy in the journey! The aim was three novellas, but the result? A continent brimming with interlinked stories. I'll have more on this in January, and in the lead up to the release of 'Rhiannon's Hope,' but suffice to say there is more than just a fourth book in the pipeline.

Pressing Pause on 'Disconnect'

Every author knows that not every story sings from the get-go. "Disconnect" is taking a backseat as I tune into the right frequency for its tale. It's not goodbye, just a see-you-later to a story that needs more time to simmer. I do have part of it done, a Kyle story, which I may release as a novella. What do you think?

Fake Riots in London, alternate history for GunBoy
A+ content for GunBoy - Fake News Footage, Alternative History

Levelling Up the Indie Game

In other news, I've been sharpening my indie-author tools with Mark Dawson's Launch Pad and Advertising for Authors courses. If you're serious about your craft, consider this a ringing endorsement to check them out. Keep an eye on my Amazon listings for some A+ content.

Podcast Picks and Page-Turners

And what's a writer without their trusty stack of books and podcasts? I've been soaking up the wisdom of "Two Indie Authors" and "The Self Publishing Show" – trust me, they're gold. On the book front, I'm mixing it up with everything from the gritty streets of Bosch's "Concrete Blonde" to the beautifully honest memoirs of Sir Patrick Stewart.

Join the Conversation

What's been your literary or symphonic companion lately? Any soundtracks or reads you'd recommend? Drop your favourites in the comments – let's get the conversation started.

Keep turning the pages, LD

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