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Exciting 2024 Book Releases: New Fantasy and Sci-Fi Adventures

Updated: Feb 6


Looks like it's time for another round of updates and announcements. 2024, here we come – same dance, different tune. Let's get to it, shall we?

"Rhiannon's Hope": Because Why Not a Female MC?

This March, prepare for the release of "Rhiannon's Hope", the latest addition to my "Gods and Vagrants" dark fantasy western series. Oddly, I’m moving going, “North Miss Tassmacher, North!” and into the disputed borders between Uefel and Silures. I’ve teased the war in both previous instalments and it’s finally here—well, sort of.

The idea for "Rhiannon's Hope" started as an officer jogging around a base. Riveting, right? But post "No Witness", my brain decided we needed more goblin lore. Because who doesn't need more goblins in their life? It's still a novella, and I've had to hold back on info dumps – but that's what all these shorts are for. Setting the scene for something bigger?

Further inspiration came from a little film named “Rio Bravo”, or more specifically it’s retread by John Carpenter, “Assault on Precinct 13.” There are no cowboys, this time, so there’s no proverbial hat to tip—but you’ll read a few nods along the way.  This  is my first female main character, and I’m excited to introduce Lieutenant Rhiannon Taliesen. Here is current version of the blurb, feel free to comment!

Duty calls, and Lieutenant Rhiannon Taliesen heeds the summons, enlisting to safeguard not only her family's honour but her country's as well.

But fate has other plans.

A brutal injury lands her in the heart of Fort Nottum, teetering on the edge of impending invasion.

Under manned and trapped, Rhiannon must confront her demons, harnessing her instincts to shield her dwindling command. Unexpected salvation might lie with a renegade, a deserter cloaked in his own secrets. 

Rhiannon is plunged into a relentless dilemma: heed the soft, tempting whispers of a forgotten god, or tap into her reservoir of strength and valour.

Their survival hinges on her choice.

As the enemy draws near and hope wanes, can Rhiannon rise to become the leader they crave, or has time already slipped through their fingers?

Oh, and for those of you who read "No Witness", you might recognise someone… If not, why not click on this link to get a free copy, right now.

Maps, Merch, and World-Building (Because: Capitalism)

For the cartographically inclined, I'm crafting a map of "the new world". This will tie together all our stories in a way that I hope makes sense. And, surprise, I'm jumping on the merch bandwagon – mugs, tees, the usual suspects.

"Save Our Souls 2: Heretics of Sehag"

Coming later this year is "Heretics of Sehag", the sequel to "Save Our Souls". Expect family drama, a planet – yes! No more fucking corridors—and a deeper dive into the Church of the Immortal Trinity. More Ford, more Dante, and a tonne more Becca. It's a space opera, so expect… well, space opera stuff. Including funny names, snarky comments and because it’s me – heaps of horrible deaths.

Deals on my novels:

In a shocking turn of events, I'm running a promo: "Save Our Souls" and "GunBoy" are up for grabs at 99c/99p. Because who doesn't love a bargain?

Behind the Scenes (Or How I Pretend to Be Busy)

I've been messing around with an Affinity Designer for formatting paperbacks. It's a love-hate relationship, but mostly love. The result – all new formatting to my beloved first two novels and internal pictures added to the Gods & Vagrants series.

Any fellow authors out there trying to make their books look pretty without losing their minds—hit me up. I might have a few tips, or at the very least, some commiseration to offer.

Join the Early Reviewers' Club (It's Exclusive, Obviously)

For the elite few who enjoy being ahead of the curve, my early review group is still open. It's the place to be if you want first dibs on reading and reviewing my latest masterpieces.

How to join? It's simple, we meet at the docks—no… that's my other group. Just hit me up on the socials or the old-fashioned way: email me.

"Kingdom United" Sequels: Because Why Stop at One?

So, remember when I said there'd be a sequel to "GunBoy" called "Disconnect" and that I was parking it for a bit? Well, I changed my mind – sort of. Instead of a straightforward sequel, I've been cooking up something a bit different. I started with what was supposed to be a short story about Kyle Ross post-"GunBoy" shenanigans, but guess what? It ballooned into an entire trilogy outline. Because why write one book when you can torture yourself with three?

This accidental trilogy will eventually tie into "Disconnect", the sequel I promised, but got side tracked from. More on this as it unfolds – or if I don't get distracted by something shiny.

Final Thoughts (RIP Jerry Springer)

So, that's 2024 for you – more books, and maybe a bit more fun. Keep an eye out for the releases, join the conversations, and grab those deals before I change my mind. And if anyone is reading anything good, please let me know—I'm always on the lookout for another book to read.

Until the next time I decide to share my profound wisdom, keep turning pages.

Next Blog 9th February.


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