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Cover Reveal: Rhiannon's Watch

It's a little bit cover reveal, and a whole lot extra. On finishing the first draft, I knew I wanted Rhiannon's defiant, resolute face front and centre. Rules and conventions be damned!

But who is Rhiannon? Well - I've written a little profile, right here...

Rhiannon Taliesen starting at you from the thumbnail, willing you to buy the book.
Cover Image for "Rhiannon's Watch."

Full name: Lieutenant Rhiannon Taliesen

Occupation: Lieutenant in the Silures Military, Thirteenth Battalion.


Rhiannon never walked; she charged forward. So much so, her dad became fond of telling her, ‘Girl, you sprinted from your mama’s belly.’ Her first big adventure was escaping her crib and racing through the house, chasing after her brother’s laughter.

She'd planned on a life at court, and a befitting suitor. But when her brother deserted the Silures Military, her life changed forever.

She had a choice: Watch the King take her family’s title, honour and land or step up and save it all. Rhiannon was never one for just watching.

Personality Traits:

Rhiannon is determined to the point of being relentless. Unwilling to accept defeat, even when separated from her battalion.

In spite of her officer training, she values the lives of each of her soldiers. This conviction, often at odds with the cold calculus of war, leaves her wounded, both in flesh and spirit, within the confines of Fort Nottum.

Skills and Abilities:

• Trained for court, she has an ear for accents and languages.

• Marksmanship in rifles and pistols.

• Logistics & Supply Management.

• She is proficient in both Silurian and Uefelian tactics & strategies.

• Rhiannon maintains a high levels of physical fitness.


Major Efrawg isn’t easily impressed, and having the sister of a deserter amongst his ranks doesn’t fill him with much confidence at their first meeting. ‘I don’t like commissions, Lieutenant. They’re entitled, vapid egos pretending a part so they may be honoured and loved upon their return home.’

Image inspired by, the Gods & Vagrants novella, "Rhiannon's Watch."
Introducing the deserter, Pwll.

Seargeant Levart is a cruel sycophant and a coward, and the officers tolerate both because the soldiers obey him without question. ‘I don’t enjoy your implications, sir. Good man I am. Solid man. Solid Sergeant. There’s not one man here that wouldn’t walk into death for me.’

The deserter, Pwll is presented to her in chains. His mixed heritage a conundrum and his past a mystery she cannot ignore. ‘I’m facing two thousand lashes, and if I somehow survive, they’ll hang me. Yes, the good lieutenant burned me. She’s a devil, that one. Under different circumstances, I might’ve married her.’

Her Watch begins... on March 13th

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