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About Leighton Dean

Leighton Dean, known for his diverse genre explorations and deep character studies, is a Welsh author best known for his debut novel "GunBoy". This political cyberpunk-thriller, set in a future United Kingdom, earned Dean accolades for its fast pace, uncompromising narrative, and brilliant writing. His second novel, a science fiction disaster epic, further showcased his diverse storytelling skills and his passion for exploring the human psyche.


Unconfined by genre, Dean's work primarily centres around his fascination with the complexities of characters. Despite this, he acknowledges his enduring love for science fiction, which is a theme that consistently resurfaces in his work. His subsequent trilogy of novellas, a fusion of dark fantasy and western elements, is a study in disciplined storytelling, each limited to 100 pages (ish…).

Dean’s writing journey is one of passionate and persistent devotion to the craft. Born in Carmarthen and raised in Llanelli, a large industrial town in Southwest Wales, Dean found solace in creativity from a young age. Every Friday at his grandparents' house, away from his usual group of friends, he would immerse himself in drawing and writing. He credits his grandfather's love for western and war movies for fuelling his early storytelling ventures.

Author Leighton Dean, Welsh Writer
Author Leighton Dean, Welsh Writer
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Dean's background in roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons and Final Fantasy served as a training ground for his character development skills. His professional journey has taken him from the catering industry to call centres, from facilities management to a governance role within a business. Through these diverse experiences, he has maintained his unwavering commitment to storytelling.

Leighton currently lives in Southwest Wales with his wife and their lovable golden retriever. When he isn't exploring new realms in his writing, you can find him gaming on his PC, unwinding with yoga, or dabbling in AI art. A self-confessed RPG and Strategy Games enthusiast, Dean enjoys sharing his love for gaming with his wife, often teaming up for a match or two of Call of Duty.

Leighton is not just an author, but an adventurer at heart, having explored several states of America, with a particular fondness for Chicago and Los Angeles, and regularly visiting Germany for its vibrant alcoholic experiences. As an artist, Dean is continually seeking new modes of expression and has recently been exploring digital painting.

As for what the future holds, Dean continues his love affair with storytelling, pushing boundaries, and venturing into new creative territories. Fans and readers can eagerly anticipate more diverse and engaging narratives to emerge from his unique blend of imaginative storytelling and compelling character development.

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