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Rhiannon's Hope: Unveiling a World of Shadows & Valour

Welcome to a World Unseen

Let me take you on a journey to a realm where the echoes of military drama intertwine with the whispers of ancient evil. "Rhiannon's Watch" is an invitation to explore the beginnings of a world teetering on the brink of darkness and light, where Lieutenant Rhiannon Taliesen's resolve is as unyielding as the fort she's destined to protect.

The Siege: A Test of Courage and Leadership

Lieutenant Rhiannon Taliesen embodies the spirit of resilience. Thrust into the leadership of Fort Nottum's decommissioning, her story takes a harrowing turn as unforeseen threats besiege the fort's walls. Every decision she makes is weighed against survival, as she confronts a tide of horror that threatens to engulf her world.

Magic and Conflict: The Heart of the Story

At the heart of "Gods & Vagrants" lies a magic system—deonni—that pulsates with life and danger, introduced in "Now Witness" and further explored in "Passing Bell". This precious resource becomes a focal point of conflict, balancing the desperate need to survive against the gamble of placing your trust in a stranger's hands.

A Gateway to the Gods and Vagrants Series

"Rhiannon's Watch" serves not only as a great starting point for new readers but also as a pivotal chapter in the "Gods and Vagrants" series. This novella not only expands the geographical and cultural horizons of its universe but also revisits characters and themes from previous entries, enriching the ongoing saga while setting the stage for the future.

Anticipation Builds: The Path to Release

As the release of "Rhiannon's Watch" draws near, I invite you to delve deeper into the "Gods & Vagrants" series through exclusive content and character deep dives available to my subscribers. And if you're not yet part of my newsletter, worry not. You can join here, with this link and you’ll get a free copy of “No Witness” as a thank you. Otherwise, you can discover the world of "Gods & Vagrants" through special promotions for "Passing Bell" and "Now Witness" on Amazon, paving your path to the thrilling tale of courage, sacrifice, and the unbreakable will to survive in "Rhiannon's Watch".

Until the next time, keep turning pages.

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