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Echoes of 2037: The Digital Chains of Fray's Britain (A Blog Post From within the world of Kingdom United)

Remember 2013? Perhaps not. It’s been a quarter-century. A retrospection is overdue; patience, if you will. London, the scene, a young, naïve voice in the chaos, my own, wielding a handmade placard screaming, “WTF WTO”. An ironic gold middle finger to a system deaf to our cries.

In the aftermath, 89 lay dead, 130 wounded - civilians, unrecognised casualties in a war they didn’t choose. The blue HAND logo emerged subtly, unassuming yet ominous. Recall Churchill’s post-war ID push, Labour’s post-7/7 bid - same concept, new packaging. Fray Industries, then an obscure player, hawked this ‘security’ guise.

Then, the economic collapse, a domino effect - China, the U.S., Europe, Britain. Refugees swarmed the Eurotunnel. In this chaos, Fray found fertile ground for his ID agenda. British citizens, now tagged and tracked, lost in a surveillance labyrinth designed by Francis Fray.

Fray’s HAND, an Orwellian dystopia masquerading as a tech marvel, integrated social identities, bank accounts, personal data. Optional at first, these chips are now birthrights - or birth chains. The youth of 2037 know no world sans HAND, a digital leash.

Fray International, now a behemoth, failed its utopian promise. Britain, a divided land, resembles Cold War Germany with its 20-foot fences and armed guards. The question, then, who profits? The answer, glaringly, is Francis Fray.

Here lies the deceit, the grand illusion peddled by Fray, sold by governments, bought by us. This is not just a story of economic collapse and social control; it’s a warning - an insight into the manipulation of crises for corporate gain, a testament to the resilience of authoritarianism in digital guise. Francis Fray’s empire, built on fear, surveillance, and control, stands as a stark reminder of the fragility of freedom, the ease of subjugation in the face of fear.

In 2037, the fight is not just against a corporation or a technology; it’s a battle for the very soul of democracy, for the right to live unmonitored and unchained. The HAND that once promised security now grips us in an iron fist of control. And as Francis Fray sits atop his digital empire, one must ask - at what cost progress, at what price freedom?

This is Pil, reporting from the edge, where the truth often lies hidden beneath layers of corporate deceit and governmental complicity. This is a call to awaken, to see beyond the screens and chips that bind us, to reclaim the liberties we’ve unwittingly surrendered.

Take a chill, Pil.

This Blog Post is a work of fiction, it is a companion piece from within the world of Kingdom United (GunBoy).

Next Blog: 19th January


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