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Desperate after his wife's death, Sacerdote made a deal with the god, Visier to resurrect her.

There's just one catch.

Sacerdote must hunt down every name that is written inside of a ledger.

With no choice but to follow through, Sacerdote begins down a bloody path to reunite himself with his fallen wife. Success comes easy, but with a terrible price.

His humanity.

The Vampire, Angra, is the last name in his ledger and the cost of scratching through her name will define his future.

Can he do what must be done to see his late wife once more?

Or will he be consumed by his dark path?

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"No Witness" a Dark Fantasy Novella, by Leighton Dean, book 1 of the "Gods & Vagrants" series
"Save Our Souls" a Sci-Fi Horror Novel, but Leighton Dean, book 1 of the "Save Our Souls" series
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