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Setting the Tone:

How Movie and Game Soundtracks Amplify My Writing


Picture this: a lone writer, hunched over a keyboard, the faint glow of the screen lighting their determined face. What’s missing from this classic scene? The soundtrack, of course! For me, an indie author navigating the wild frontiers of storytelling, the right music isn’t just ambiance; it’s a conduit to creativity.

A Symphony for the Scribe:

My writing sessions are rarely silent affairs. Instead, they’re scored by the likes of Jason Graves’ “Dead Space” series, where the isolating and intense ambiance mirrors the interstellar tension of my sci-fi horror, “Save Our Souls.” Hans Zimmer’s “Dune” or Steve Jablonsky’s “Ender’s Game” provide the perfect backdrop for crafting epic scenes.

Zimmer’s genius isn’t just confined to my speakers; I had the chance to experience his musical prowess live, with Tina Guo on Cello and none other than Lisa Gerrard singing Now We Are Free!!! in Manchester, the event that was nothing short of fantastic.

Tuning into the Narrative:

My playlists are more than background noise; they’re a narrative tool. Like now, when writing the fourth novella in my dark fantasy western series, Gods & Vagrants, the gritty chords of Ennio Morricone’s “The Hateful Eight” lay the groundwork for showdowns and suspense. And just as I curate music to write by, I invite my readers to consider the immersive experience soundtracks can offer while delving into a book. Ever tried reading a thriller while the “Inception” score plays?

Building the Perfect Playlist:

When it comes to building my writing playlist, I’m an album listener. I immerse myself in one soundscape at a time to avoid the cognitive dissonance that comes from shuffling through composers. This approach keeps my mind on track—literally. And while I have a deep appreciation for the musical mastery of John Williams, his iconic tunes are best left for movie night, lest I find my characters cracking whips instead of codes.

A Note to My Fellow Creatives:

Here’s a little piece of advice for my fellow writers and creatives: create a cocoon of sound that shields and inspires you. For readers, let the music set the stage for the words as they dance across the page. And for everyone, whether you’re writing, reading, or simply dreaming, let these scores be the soundtrack to your imagination.


So, what’s your backdrop to the epic moments of life? Whether it’s while you’re lost in the latest page-turner or hammering out the chapters of your own creation, a killer soundtrack can be the wind beneath your creative wings. I’m all ears for recommendations—what tunes spin on the record player of your mind as you dive into your favourite books or churn out prose? Drop a comment and let’s compare playlists. After all, every good adventure deserves a great score.

Keep Turning Pages, LD

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