New Year Update

Happy New Year,

I’m back at my day job and I won’t lie. I did sod all writing over the holidays. Instead, I failed at housebreaking my beautiful golden retriever pup.

Save Our Souls is currently at £1.00 on Amazon for a week. Grab it if you like Die Hard and Aliens. It’s a bloody, violent adventure showing much love toward the great disaster films of the 70s. It’s not for the feint hearted and there is a ginger protagonist, I have warned you.

The sequel story (Working Title: Heretics of Sehag) is midway through draft 3. I was hoping to get it out by the end of the year, but with the expected word count close to Fellowship of the Ring, I’m not sure I can make the cut. However, I have several other projects on the boil.

No Witness is doing quietly well in sales despite the lack of reviews, so if you have read it please pop your views down on amazon—even if you hate it. I’d much prefer someone telling me they dislike my work than not saying anything at all, or I just keep writing the same crap over and over without knowing.

As you’ve not, I’ve already finished a sequel of sorts. Different characters but the same world. ‘Passing Bell’ will come out in March and will be the second in line of my ‘good, bad and butt ugly’ trilogy. If all goes well, and it is looking that way, I’ll be continuing the series with one more this year and more to come.

Here’s a sneak peek at the amazing cover Atacan Akmeşe created for me:


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