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So here's the thing. No one will buy your book unless you have reviews to help convert those who land on your page into sales. But how do you get reviews without anyone buying your book? Last year I tried some marketing on Gunboy, I had visitors but not many conversions. It currently has 8 reviews, and is sinking into obscurity with each passing day.

Save Our Souls has had a better launch week (not launch day) than GB, but it too has slowed down and with only 3 reviews I know that any money spent on advertising is going to be a waste. So I have decided to go perma-free on both titles. Yes, you can download both ebooks at no cost. I'm looking at it as spending money on marketing.

I'm going to record my losses, and correlate these 'sales' with social media prompts. Hopefully work out a percentage on how many of these get reviews etc. and then post them here and on my face book page for aspiring authors like myself who may be thinking of doing the same thing.

I am opening myself up to some pit-falls here, but I am going in eyes open. I know that a certain amount of customers will pick up the books purely because they are free, this will probably harm my also-boughts but I'm hoping that the overall sales will bump up my visibility.

Both books went free on 10th May, so I'll have my first report up within five weeks.


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