First 5/5 Review of Save Our Souls

So I'm a very happy bunny. My first review on Amazon came in and its all I could have hoped for...

Leland wrote:

The aptly-named Save Our Souls follows pilot and Captain’s son, Ford, and his family, the crew of the freighter Jian Seng, as they fight to survive in the face of an unholy trinity of catastrophes. The seemingly lifeless ship that barreled into their craft is only the first salvo of a universe that seems intent on eliminating the crew of the Jian Seng in the most unpleasant ways possible. The narrative moves along at a blistering pace, and the characters are unique and believable. My only complaint is that I wish I could have gotten to know some of them better. Engineer Greaves and several of the marauders, in particular, are characters I would have liked to have spent more time with. The suspense builds subtly, and each new horror is introduced with a skill and finesse that makes them feel inherently natural. What few bugs the story has –like an infirmary in which, oddly enough, none of the supplies and equipment are secured in such a way that they stay put in the event of zero gravity or sudden changes in orientation– are not enough to detract from the overall narrative. A dark descent into the psychological fallout of fear, stress, survivor’s guilt, and the biological imperative to survive no matter the cost, Save Our Souls is sure to find fans among those who enjoy their science fiction with a healthy dose of horror. I greatly enjoyed it!

Or you can read at Leland's blog: here.

Structuring a book around the format of a movie, or more precisely a b-movie has its inherent flaws in that you have an ensemble cast, ones you have to juggle and have stand out in their own individual ways. But they, like all characters are present to serve the story and I made the decision to keep up the blistering pace (thank you Leland). Instead, imbuing the secondary and tertiary characters with (in some cases vibrant) idiosyncrasies so that the reader could easily identify them.

The main theme of any disaster story is survival, and Save Our Souls is no different. There are a few twists in Save Our Souls which Leland subtly refers to, and in such a way that I can't quite articulate how on the nose he is without giving away too much. So instead I'll just say this - he got what I was going for and to me that means the (expletive) world to me. This is what being an author is all about.

Thanks for the outstanding review Leland!

And if that review has you interested in Save Our Souls - you can click on the picture header to purchase it at Amazon on kindle for 99p - or click: here.

Thanks for reading...


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