SOS: Cover Art Reveal

The release of Save Our Souls is fast approaching and as promised (even a little earlier) here is the cover artwork by Jim Burns.

I set out to create a "b-movie" disaster flick in book form; its influences are Alien, The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, Event Horizon and even a little Die Hard. As such I wanted to capture a classic feel in the artwork; hailing back to the high point of disaster movies in the 1970's and I think Jim has captured it precisely.

The ship you're looking at is the Jian Seng. It's an old family run deep space haulage vessel which collides with a strange, mysterious object in the first chapter and the story doesn't let up until you read 'The End'.

Save Our Souls is a sci-fi thriller with elements of horror and contains graphic violence.

It will be release in ebook and paperback in April.


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