Hey folks, a bit of shameless advertising here - but where better to do it than on your own website.

Gunboy is now 99p/99c on Amazon up until February 1st, you can still pick it up on Kindle Direct for free and of course the paperback for £8.99.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, cannot put the country together again... In 2038 the Government rules from York after losing control of Southern England to anarchy. Now after 30 years of gangland law; Evan Bell has found an opportunity to unite the Kingdom. Two days before his undercover agent is set to meet with the leader of the ‘Free London’ movement the agent goes missing, leaving Evan no option but to enter the city himself. But when a Red Cross Transport is shot down it ignites hostilities between the city's gangs. His mission doomed, Evan finds hope in an unlikely ally; Bo, a 13 year old assassin.

Here is the link - I want to buy GunBoy


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