I have a lot of love for NanoWrimo. Without it, I wouldn’t have written my first book. Or at least I wouldn’t have sat my ass down long enough to finish it. I’ve missed out on it since 2013, having chosen to be on holiday instead. I have a lot of love for Glu Wine and Bratwurst too. And Kafel Kolsch. But alas Germany was not on the itinerary this year so why not immerse myself in a new story.

I was part of an interesting thread on Facebook, and author who I have reviewed and have a lot of respect for surprised me in saying that they didn’t partake in NanoWrimo and believed it was structured in way that allowed authors taking part to become stressed in hitting the 50,000 word deadline by the end of the month. And authors would benefit from taking time away from writing, and writing quality not quantity. She's right of course, Facebook is a wash of stressed authors during November.

But I haven't considered that point before. My first drafts are a pile of crap, and not just in the grammatical and spelling kind of way. Names change, motives change, characters’ sex changes and sometimes twice in the same chapter. The plot goes off the boil, I spend pages with people just talking to each other. They just talk to each other, like in a Tarantino flick - but without the wit. When I come back to edit it, I’m have to delete huge chunks – re-write pretty much everything. But I know the characters better for it and its an easier and happier time.

NanoWrimo gets me in the chair and forms the habit. Or put another way, gets me off Netflix. I’m currently just over fifty thousand words and have another seventy or so thousand to go. I’ll break for Christmas, if only to keep my wife from killing me. So by the end of January I’ll be putting it in a drawer and picking up the sequel to GunBoy which I wrote earlier this year. As well as gearing up to Publish my first space adventure, Save Our Souls.

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