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Book Review - Hand And Talon by Melonie Purcell

It’s often done so wrong, when you have two characters who don’t appreciate each other’s company – but Melonie plunges her young thief with a higher calling and a reluctant older (but not old) sage into a fantastic tale with grace and good humour.

Young Krea is a lovely addition to the patchwork quilt of high fantasy – she is a great tilt on the scrappy archetype and blesses her with a far more interesting curse that I first took it for. As the main character I found her a pleasure to follow. In fact, every one of the characters met are instantly relatable and when intentional, likeable.

It’s a journey fraught with peril and continues to balance effortlessly with a sense of adventure and excitement. It is pure escapism and a delightful read for all ages, even though I would say the target audience is young adult.

The editing is solid, the beginning is a little slow but serves its characters well, and picks up around the middle at which point, never drops below a swift cantor.

In closing, great book – I thoroughly enjoyed it, gobbling most of it up on an eight hour flight from Chicago to Heathrow.


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