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Review: Out Of The Darkness

I’m not a fantasy reader, not an avid one by any means. Most of what I read is drama, sci-fi or factual and I feed my fantasy belly the lazy way: the GOT television series.

I didn’t read the blurb, and my preconceptions were of vampires - probably in modern times. As I read through the first chapter it became very clear that my preconceptions were being clubbed to death without remorse. To come out of the darkness, you must first start in the darkness and K Caffee immediately realises this darkness with a descriptive talent I did not expect but instantly admired.

The protagonist of the story is un-named and where many writers will jump to the start of the plot – Caffee kept me a willing prisoner alongside the nameless from birth. While some parts of the slave/fighter story follow similar tropes, the nameless proves to be a compelling and unique character.

Yes there are a few grammatical flaws in the editing, but nothing to detract from the story. In fact the only thing I found slightly confusing was because the main character had no name I sometimes had to re-read a paragraph to understand it.

Luckily for me the second book I’ve chosen to review; again chose not to have a huge glossary of names and places. This is a book about characters, and the world in which they live is fully realised through the nameless’ eyes and those he interacts with.

So if you like your fantasy, and especially if you like your fantasy bleak and bloodthirsty you will not go far wrong with Out of the Darkness and I for one am looking forward to the next one.


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