Review: Abendau's Heir

Abendau's Heir is the first of Jo Zebedee's Inheritance Trilogy.

I finished Abendau's Heir a week ago and I'm still unsure on how to pronounce it. Why did I leave it week before reviewing it? It's because I needed it to settle, Jo Zebedee's first outing into this universe got under my skin. While there are no appendices for planets, ships, weapons, foods, drinks, stars, dust mites... there is an enormous focus on character. And at the end of it I felt like I had made a group of new friends in: Kare, Lychio, Somly and Solim.

For a space opera, there is little time for world building and unless you have a poor memory (like me) and need these things to identify characters and locations to, you'll find that nothing is lost because of it. What balances this is the multiple POVs, which are not confusing and allow you to identify with them through their own needs and abundance of fears.

You understand the universe from the eyes of the characters and none of them dwell on anything outside of their current situation and what led them there. The interactions between all of them define each as an individual that you can identify with even when you disagree with them and it's all for the better as you struggle with them through the meat grinder Jo Zebedee drops them in.

A rebellion against an Empire sounds all t

oo familiar when written in a couple of paragraphs but it's the tip of an iceberg, what you have here is real stakes in an empire more to the houses of Frank Herbet's Landstradd, the adventure and pace of Star Wars and a dash of George R.R. Martin's sadism. The Empress is a powerful nemesis and while used sparingly, brings with her the gravitas that all the great evil queens in fantasy should have.

From first word to last, a pleasure to read.

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