Leighton Dean joins Tickety Boo Press with Gunboy

Very excited to announce Leighton Evans is joining Tickety Boo Press with his Cyber-Thriller, set in a divided Britain, (very apt in the current aftermath of Brexit and the disintegration of the political opposition) where politicians grind the country between the cogs of their machinations. An idealist, lost in war torn streets, a cybernetic enhanced soldier at odds with his mission and a child who knows nothing but murder, must stand together to United a Kingdom. "Evan had a simple job; enter the anarchist London and bring back Window, the leader of the 'Free London' movement. But when a Red Cross transport helicopter is shot down over Hounslow, the tenuous truce between the governing gangs is broken. His mission doomed, he finds an unlikely ally in Bo, a thirteen year old assassin born of the streets." This book will be joining the Fourth Reich in a new imprint, Critical Density headed by Siobhan Marshall-Jones. The cover will be done by Jim Burns.


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