Publishing Contract Decision Making Part 1

Okay, I had a whole self publishing thing to post but if I post it I wouldn't be telling you guys what's really going on. I said last week that I'd declined the option to be published, I did. What happened next was unexpected, I was offered again. I put my cards on the table, after all I have a self publishing strategy all in place I've even paid for a cover (see above).

I wasn't expecting any of this. They say flattery can get you everywhere, or anything. I've never been one for that, but as a writer I'm looking for validation of my work, and they gave it to me. So I've asked a whole bunch of questions, as many as I could think of at the time and asked for the contract. It arrived yesterday, it's just over three pages long and details what rights I'm prepared to give over to them.

I really am at a cross roads, the thought of being published is really tempting. It allows me to carry on doing what I love doing, which is writing. Which is good, I'm just putting the finishing touches to my second draft of Save Our Souls and The Cure, which will be my third story is already calling to me.

Yes, signing over GunBoy will mean more editing, and I dare say some concessions on the story and flow which I previously I held all the cards for. But these thoughts will form questions over the next couple of days as I work through the contract and I'll get something together to explain my thinking and decisions on this ready for next week.

So that's what I'm working on, I hope you'll forgive my short blog today as a result.


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