1/4 Finalist

Screen Craft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest 2015

Well I updated the blog for the first time in over a year yesterday, dropped in the Screen Craft competition as I'd had some great feedback sent to me (thanks guys) and then last night I got an email from them with the announcement of the quarter finalists.

Which basically means my script has made it through to the next round (yay) with quite a few others - one of which is titled Pulp Science Fiction by Ron Pobell. Have to say I'm quite jealous of the title and ashamed I'd not thought of it already. Ron, I'm going to chase you for a copy.

Anyway if it doesn't go further than here, I have to say the guys at Screen Craft (from my limited communication with them) have been proffessional and savvi throughout and it's been great getting feedback from them. Thanks for the oppertunity.

Look at that, kiss assing mutha..

Time to go


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