Passing Bell

Coming March 14th

Oradour sits in the centre of the impossible. A mining town trying to carve out a quiet life. Summer is ending and with it comes the annual festival of song. 

Yet on this fell year, a darkness has settled. 

From deep within the town tolls a temple bell. It is a summons and the beginning of a tide of retribution that will sweep the world.

The bounty hunter Varuna has been summoned. He alone has the power to stop the evil from spreading, but it might already be too late. 

Varuna must overcome his past if there is any hope of saving the future.

Witches, fallen gods, and more gather in the ruins of Oradour. 

Time has run out. 

Beset on all sides, it will take all of Varuna's wits and experience just to survive, much less prevent the darkness overwhelming the world.

 Cover Art by: Atacan Akmeşe