Humanity has spread throughout the galaxy under the guidance of the Immortal Trinity...


But for those who choose not to follow their religion the universe is a dangerous place.

In the depths of space, the commercial hauler Jian Seng collides with another vessel. The collision is catastrophic. 


Embedded in the Seng’s hull are the remains of the unidentified craft with a mysterious survivor who will teach them the true meaning of fear. 


Faced with a crippled ship and failing life support, a handful of survivors, must fight for their lives.

Paperback & Ebook
Save Our Souls Cover
Paperback & Ebook

 Cover Art by: Jim Burns 

"A dark descent into the psychological fallout of fear, stress, survivor’s guilt, and the biological imperative to survive no matter the cost, Save Our Souls is sure to find fans among those who enjoy their science fiction with a healthy dose of horror." 

Leland Lydecker

Author of Necrotic City


"If you're looking for a fast-paced adventure set in space, Save Our Souls will fit the bill. As long as you can handle lots and lots of violence..."

Jaletta Clegg

Author of the The Fall of the Altairan Empire series