When an armed robbery goes wrong, two psychopaths give an ordinary citizen the change to administer justice.

Kill The Ostrich

Stray Dogs Film Productions (2006)

Written, Shot & Cut by Leighton Evans & Simon Pearce


The first Stray Dogs film was originally going to be a comedy series based in the same location, Damian Hart's barber shop in my home town of Llanelli. After many long nights creating the characters and the beginnings of a contemporary black comedy, Stray Dogs put it's effort into making one film.

We had the script almost over night, a few revisions here and there. The fantastic cast came next - Damian Hart, Damian Holcombe (a little confusion on set?), Phil Rees as the customer with Craig Lynch and Scott Arthur bringing in the support with their little hoodlums.

With Simon Worley from Beach Media on the camera and the help of friends and family we were able to film the entire short in one evening and the following day. 

What a great first film experience.

The Works

Ash Nurse & Stray Dogs Film Productions (2007-2008)

Directed and Edited by Ash Nurse & Simon Pearce​, Written by Ash Nurse, Simon Pearce & Leighton Evans


Violent tales following two drug dealing, anarchist brothers on the hunt for their stolen stash; through the dark streets and seedy brothels of South Wales, the pair destroy anyone in their path.

Part One

Part Two

This came about after we (the Stray Dogs) were impressed by Ash Nurse's University submission. Using the footage from that, we set out to create stories surrounding the characters that he created and expanded on the world that he had created.

I decided to take the opportunity to jump into the role of the pimp, my first and probably my only acting role on film. 

It was intended to be shown as three separate shorts, however during the editing process we decided to change that and produce two ten minute parts instead. 


The Story of Chas; a Jackal who makes the choice to bite the hand that feeds.

Stray Dogs Film Productions (2009)

Directed by Simon Pearce, Written and Edited by Leighton Evans & Simon Pearce

Stray Dogs' competition entry to ThinkSync in 2009 spawned this violent venture. We drew inspiration from the title music and films such as Nicolas Winding Refn's excellent  PUSHER.




A chance meeting at a coffee shop is the beginnings of a beautiful relationship.

A Love Story
Wonder Boy Films (2010)

Written & Directed by Ben Jones, Edited by Leighton Evans & Daniel Morgan


This was a blast, no script, no story board. Just a small team of actors and crew wanting to make a sweet little film. In a couple of hours we had come up with the story, drawn some camera shots and jumped into filming. 


Magic Sponge
Curios Ostrich 2006

Written by Leighton Evans & Simon Pearce

Directed by Simon Worley & Edited by Sharon Harris


A door-to-door salesman sells a pair of magical sponges to a housewife, offering to transform her life forever!


Winner of the Smoke & Mirrors 48 Hour Film Challenge 2006.